Recently false information has been put out regarding David “Dave” Goss and Sean Griffin in two opinion pieces in the Santa Clarita Valley newspapers The Signal and The Free Gazette.

In The Signal it is opined that Dave and Sean are part of an extremist group, and then reiterated by Blair Bess as a contributor of the Gazette.  Sean is not a part of any Three Percenter organization.  Dave is a part of one called West Coast Patriots III% that was started in 2016.  In the piece written by Democratic candidate Bryan Cafario and the follow up by Blair Bess, it is stated that the organization Dave is involved in promotes hate and anti-government values.  This is incorrect.  There was a fringe faction started in 2009 that did have some extreme and hate filled values, this is not the faction that Dave is a part of.  This extremist faction is no longer operating and has no bearing on what the Three Percenter organization represents.

The Three Percenter organization has been around since the 1800s, and is a group that supports the constitution and being prepared for man made and natural disasters.  That’s it.  We disavow anyone who tries to be part of the group that has anti-government or hateful views as was done during the Charolettesville rally when white supremacist groups gathered.

It is said that Three Percenters are a violent group, yet we do not condone violence in any fashion whatsoever.   We respect our government, and would never “rise up” against it unless it became painfully clear that it was tyrannical.  The chance of that happening is extremely miniscule.

If you have any questions regarding these false allegations, please send an email to

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